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Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Program Panama
Panama Permanent Residency Program

You can obtain Qualified Permanent Residency in Panama if you purchase real estate for USD$300,000 or greater.  You and your dependents will need to file an application through a Panama Immigration Lawyer.  If you are buying a property from a Pensio Agent, the cost of the Immigration Lawyer is covered by Pensio for qualified applicants and their dependent families.  Applications can be processed within 90 days, and sooner. 

Immediate Permanent Residency

If you invest in one of the following:

  • Real Estate - minimum USD$300,000*: you can invest in both available real estate and real estate in the planned pre-construction or also planned/under construction, if the project is unfinished, and your deposit placed in an escrow account.  

  • Investments in the Panama Stock Market - minimum USD$500,000: must be invested for at least five years.

  • Fixed Term Deposit in the Banking Sector - minimum USD$750,000: in any bank with a general license authorized to operate in the national territory, and that said fixed-term deposit has a minimum term of validity of five (5) years.


*The Real Estate current USD$300,000 minimum is for a limited time; the minimum will be raised in the next two years to USD$500,000.

Ask us

How can I apply for Qualified Investor Permanent Residency in Panama?

Pensio will provide you with the name and contact information of a Panama Immigration Lawyer, who will provide you advice and assist you in completing your application to obtain the Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status for you, your spouse and qualified dependents.

Which countries are restricted from applying for Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status?

There are no restrictions on nationalities. Your Immigration Lawyer will advise you on the steps you need to take depending on the country you currently reside in.

Is Panama a safe country?

Panama stands out among other Latin countries because it offers solid infrastructure, health care & education systems, and is considered to be a safe destination.

How much do I need to invest into Panama Real Estate to obtain Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status?

Investing in Panamanian real estate with a minimum value of USD$300,000 or you can make a minimum refundable deposit into escrow for a property under construction. For both of these options, you will be able to apply for immediate Permanent Residency in Panama.

Can I sell my investment property after obtaining my Permanent Residency Status?

In order to maintain your Permanent Residency status, you need to retain your real estate investment for 5 years. If you wish to sell the property, the money must be reinvested in one of the other approved investment vehicles per the Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Law. If you sell within the first 5 years and not reinvest in another approved investment vehicle, your Panamanian residency could be revoked. Panama real estate does demonstrate considerable property value appreciation, so it may be smart fiscal planning to hold onto the property.

Does my Permanent Residency Status allow me to work in Panama?

Yes, you and your approved dependents can work and also own companies.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes, you can bring your wife, children, and parents as dependents according to the following regulations:

  1. Children below 18 years of age
  2. Children between 18 and 25 should provide certification of enrollment from an education center on a regular basis, an affidavit stating he/she depends economically on you, and certification that he/she is not married.
  3. Marriage certificate for you and your spouse
  4. Relatives with a disability (parent) that is economically dependent on you
There are additional government fees to be paid for each dependent. Please consult with your Immigration Lawyer.

What is the procedure for obtaining Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status for myself and my dependents?

During the application process, your immigration lawyer will complete with you the applications, you will not have to visit Panama, but you will have to visit a Panama Embassy or Consular office to complete the process, where you live and reside. The Immigration Lawyer will assist you through the entire process.

What are the steps & qualifications to obtain Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status?

First Step: You will be required to meet over zoom (or in person if you travel to Panama), with your Immigration Lawyer to complete the process of obtaining your Qualified Investor Permanent Residency Status. Second Step: You must execute a Power of Attorney duly notarized giving your Panama Immigration Lawyer authority to request and complete your application for Permanent Residency with the Panamanian authorities:

  • A criminal history background check (police record) apostilled or duly authenticated by the respective Panama Embassy or Consulate
  • Passport and second I.D.
  • Five (5) passport size photos
  • Spouse: Marriage certificate apostilled or authenticated by the respective Panama Embassy or Consulate
  • Adult Child: A certification from the relevant authority in your country confirming they are not married. This certificate must be apostilled or authenticated by the respective Panama Embassy or Consulate. Also, certification from the university where the dependent is enrolled (to be done in Panama and for which secondary school or undergraduate diplomas are needed)
  • Certification of the public registrar office that confirms the ownership of the real estate investment
  • Confirmation that the initial funds were transferred from overseas: Bank statement, swift confirmation, etc.
  • You will need to provide 2 certified cheques to government institutions, issued by a Panamian bank, the amount of these cheques will be provided to you by your Immigration Lawyer
  • Original medical examination report from a certified medical doctor for you and each dependent. If you are in Panama at the time of application, this will have to be a Panama certified doctor
  • Declaration forms for you, your spouse, and each dependent
  • Letters of responsibility from the main applicant (you) and for each dependent
  • Official translations signed by a licensed public translator from Panama (arranged by the Immigration Lawyer)
You should be aware:
  • Legal Fees: the average Immigration Lawyer legal fees range from USD$3,000 to USD$6,000 for you based on your being qualified meeting the above requirements. This is paid by Pensio if you purchase the property from a Pensio Agent
  • Pensio can provide assistance to help introduce you to a Panama Bank to open accounts

When can I get citizenship and a Panamanian passport?

Once you get the Permanent Residency Status card, you may apply for naturalization after 5 years. The application needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Government and Justice and it can take between 6 months to one year. Panama is working on changes to investor based citizenship, we are hoping over the next year.

What are my travel requirements to Panama?

The applicant will be required to travel to Panama provide biometric scans of their fingerprints to obtain the actual permanent resident card within two years from it’s issue/approval date; once in Panama the permanent residence card can be processed/obtained in one day, along with biometrics.

Within the five years, the applicant will have to visit the country twice, once within the first two years from the date of approval of the application and a second time within the following two years.

Can I apply for Panama Permanent Residency in my home country?

An applicant can apply for permanent residence without having to travel to Panama. Once the application is processed on behalf of the buyer by their Panamanian Immigration lawyer, and the applicant has complied with all of the requirements, he or she will receive within 30 days, their Permanent Residence Resolution from the National Migration Services of Panama.

The applicant will be required to travel to Panama to obtain the actual permanent resident card within two years from it’s issue/approval date; once in Panama the permanent residence card can be processed/obtained in one day, along with biometrics. The applicant can use the permanent resident resolution document provided to them to travel to Panama for countries that are considered friendly nations. For countries that are not on the friendly nations list, the applicant will have to apply for a tourist visa in order to enter the country for the first time.

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