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One of the great advantages of Panama residency is its flexibility regarding minimum stay requirements. You can maintain your Permanent Residency even if you live abroad, but we know that having a property in a foreign country may be difficult.

That is why we offer a unique solution for buyers of our Panama residential properties. We can provide investors a no-hassle 5-year full-service property management program with Guaranteed Rent income underwritten by insurance.  Pensio Realty S.A. is part of Pensio Global a multi-faceted global real estate and credit-risk underwriting group. 


Pensio's core business is to provide risk management programs in partnership with the stakeholders of residential rental and resort properties, pre-construction condos, multifamily, vacation properties and commercial properties.

Guaranteed Rent is paid regardless of whether the unit is rented, vacant or the tenant has defaulted on rent.

Pensio's performance and  Guaranteed Rent is underwritten by a performance bond.

Pensio is a participating member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc. a United States registered protected cell captive insurance company fully reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or better. 


How Does it Work

The Promise to Purchase Agreement Purchase Agreement includes the optional Pensio Property Management Guaranteed Rent program. The Buyer is under no obligation to enter into the agreement with Pensio. 

  • Pensio Property Management Agreement.  This an optional Property Management Agreement if you chose to offer your property for rent. It contains full property management services including Guaranteed Rent, payable quarterly.   Guaranteed Rent payments begin 180 days after possession to accommodate stabilization. Guaranteed rent is payable regardless of whether the unit is vacant, rented or the tenant has defaulted on rent payment.  Pensio also fully repairs at Pensio's own cost any tenant damage to your unit.  The initial property management term of 5-years can be renewed depending upon the terms and conditions of the renewal. 

  • Indemnity.  If opting in to the Property Management Guaranteed Rent program, the Buyer must execute an acknowledgment to indemnify the Seller from any liability relating to the obligations of Pensio. 

  • Performance Bond.  Each buyer if opting into the Pensio program will be secured by a Performance Bond insured by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc a Protected Cell Captive fully reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or Better.

  • Termination. The owner can terminate our property management agreement and the tenancy on 90 days written notice. 

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